Vitamins for Hair Growth

     Will taking certain vitamins on a regular basis promote hair growth in an individual? If it was that easy then you would think that male pattern baldness or receding hairlines would be a rarity rather than just a part of aging in the majority of the population. That is not to say that talking certain vitamins to help hair growth, does not promote a healthy head of hair. All our bodies functions use and require vitamins and nutrients in order to remain efficient and healthy and our scalp and hair follicles are no different.

     What vitamins can do is to promote a healthy atmosphere for the growth of hair that is currently still being maintained on the scalp. In addition we also required various minerals, proteins and fats. Vitamins to Help Hair GrowthNew or renewed hair growth however is something that is difficult to obtain with vitamins alone. This is because many of the causes of hair loss, such as the production of DHT and individual genetic and hereditary tendencies are quite formidable foes when it comes to hair loss. At best, an individual, by increasing the intake on certain vitamins that they were already lacking may be better able to maintain the hair follicles that they currently still have in a growth stage. They may even start to see some improvement with recently thinning hair starting to thicken up.

     Many of the products on the market today, that promote the growth of hair, have in their formulas a number of vitamins. These are present not necessarily to grow hair but help in promoting a healthy scalp in order that a number of other ingredients may work more efficiently at promoting hair growth. Whether it is a hair growth product or vitamins it is all dependent on the individual. We all live different lifestyles, come from different gene pools and have varying degrees of responses to different stimuli. What works for one may not necessarily work as well for another.

Best Vitamins for Hair

     While all vitamins are necessary for the promotion of good health and all serve a purpose in one way or another, we will mainly focus on those that are known to help the production of healthy hair. Knowing if you have a deficiency in a certain vitamin without actually testing for the substance is as simple as being aware of what foods or food groups contain that vitamin. If you find that very few or nothing on the list is a part of you usual diet, then chances are you have a deficiency.

     The best way to find out if you have any deficiencies in your diet at present is to have your physician run a complete amylases. An easy problem to remedy with a vitamin supplement or adding some new foods to your diet. Since you have to eat anyway and with the price of food going up, it stands to reason that it would be wiser to start purchasing some additional menu items rather than to buy pricey vitamin supplements. Keep in mind that to much of a good thing is just as undesirable as having a deficiency and can also lead to health problems.The most beneficial vitamins for hair growth are the following

Vitamin A

      Helps to keep the scalp area and hairBest Vitamins for Hair hydrated and is known as an antioxidant. It promotes hair growth, keeps hair from becoming dry and breaking easily. This particular vitamin should be carefully monitored when being taken as a supplement as it can be harmful to some individuals if overused. Consulting your physician or qualified nutritionist is recommended.

     A number of food groups are found to contain vitamin A at various levels and can be commonly found in red, yellow and green vegetables. In addition you will also see it in fruits and dairy such as peaches, grapefruit, lemons, eggs, cheese and milk

Vitamin B

    Is known to help with hair growth, strength and also reducing the levels of grey. It can be broken down into various subcategories but the most beneficial to the hair are B5 & B6.

B5 is found in peanuts, egg yolks, yeast, grain and organ meats and is also known as Pantothenic acid. It helps in preventing graying and hair loss.

B6 can be found in many of the same foods as B5 plus some vegetables and helps in the production of melanin which has to do with your hair color.

Vitamin C Vitamin C

     Is probably the most well known vitamin and can be found in most fruits and many vegetables. An ascorbic acid it helps with cell growth and well being. Its primary benefits for hair are its ability to stop or slow premature graying, breaking or brittle hair and alleviating dry scalp.

Vitamin D

     Is necessary in order for the body to be able to absorb calcium which is vital in maintaining healthy hair follicles and our regular hair growth cycles. Some foods that contain vitamin D include milk, salmon, tuna, pork, cheese, mushrooms grains. Healthy hair follicles are important in order to limit any hair loss problems.

Vitamin EVitamins that Help Hair Growth

     Essentially helps to increase blood circulation in the scalp and allow hair follicles to grow more efficiently and stronger. It is an antioxidant and can be found in seeds, nuts, bran, grains, soybeans, and dark green vegetables. Because vitamin E affects the circulation of blood, care must be taken to not exceed the required limits as it can cause higher blood pressures.

Vitamin H

     Also known as Biotin is the producer of a protein called keratin. This is also the main substance from which hair consists of. This vitamin can be found in cheese, milk, yeast, peanuts, some fruits and vegetables, grains and liver. This is probably the most important of the vitamins we have listed as it not only helps to produce the actual hair follicles but also take a part in the strengthening and general health of the hair growth cycle.

     Please keep in mind that regardless of what particular vitamin you may find that you have a deficiency with, it is important that you consult with your physician before substantially increasing your intake of any particular vitamin. While it is important to maintain a healthy balance of required vitamins and recommended doses, to much of any particular substance can have the opposite effect.

Mens Hair Growth Suppliments

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