My Hair is Falling Out

    Hair falling out is actually a normal function of the hair loss cycle. Even for someone who has a normal healthy head of hair there is constantly a process that can be broken down into three separate stages. These 3 stages are growth, rest and renewal. Now the problems with hair thinning begins generally when men begin to age and while the same stages of hair growth remain they begin to change in degree.  

Why is my Hair Falling Out ?

Why is My Hair falling Out

     Hair will fall out when it has reached the end of its growth cycle, usually anywhere from 3 to 6 years or the final stage. There are also a percentage of hairs, usually between 6 to 10 percent that remain at rest. Eventually, as we age, the hair that has reached its end of growth is no longer replaced with new growth. Hair at rest is being lost through combing and other regular maintenance procedures and finds itself also having a difficult time being replaced.

     As the complete cycle of hair renewal moves into a slower process then that which we were accustom to in our youth, we begin to see the affects of hair thinning. There are a number of reasons that hair growth reduction may happen and may vary from person to person both internal and external. 

Reason Why my Hair is Falling Out


  • Combing out knots aggressively in the case of longer hair.
  • For individuals who do have long hair, mostly in the female gender, a regular ritual of pony or pig tails can cause distress to hair over long periods of time. 
  • Constantly wearing of head ware or baseball caps can cause hair to loose its natural strength and ability to sustain itself after a time
  • Some shampoos and other hair treatments, especially when used quite regularly can often be less than friendly to hair growth.


  • The bodies natural aging process which can cause the production within our bodies of such hair damaging compounds as DHT.
  • Some medications that are used for various reasons can sometime affect hair loss in some individuals.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes or drug use will also change the bodies ability, through varies biological, chemical and physical changes causing hair distress.
  • Anxiety, Stress and depression can cause extreme chemical changes to the brain and the regular neural pathways, further complicating hair growth.
  •  Poor nutrition habits can inhibit the body from being able to regenerate hair at the same rate as it could with a healthy diet.

Can I Stop My Hair From Falling Out?

     If you are in the stages of seeing your hair falling out then it is definitely possible to stop and even reverse the process before it get to the point of no return. Point of no return for clarity, is for instance, if you have been bald in certain areas of your scalp for years, it is probable that no new hair growth will return to that area without surgical technics.

     If however you are in the early stages of hair loss or have just recently noticed a change in hair thinning or hair receding, then it is quite likely that you can use some of the hair products for men available on the market to combat this affliction. The number one cause of hair loss is through the bodies production of DHT and this is precisely what many of the supplements available counteract or inhabit.

     It is important that you first try to ascertain the reason for your resent hair loss or thinning Hair and evaluate whether or not there may be other circumstances at play, such as the ones listed above. Most of the supplements offered on the market today are made of natural ingredients and require no prescription.  If you are still unsure of your own causes for hair loss you may just read a few artcle or product reviews and see if you can assertain if there is something that may solve your problem.  

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