Picking A Hair Treatment

     If you have stumbled upon this website chances are you’re like me. You are battling a receding hairline, thinning hair or have a monks crown that seems to be getting worse and you would like to do something about it. My name is Keith Bevers and I am in the unique position of having both failed and succeeded in this endeavor. It can be quite difficult to nail down what works for any particular individual and what is the best hair product for mens hair growth, regardless of what the different hair product companies say their results show. I will not be recommending any particular product to you as you will understand if you read further through this page. This site is only to provide addition information and guidance for individuals to help in choosing a product or procedure that is right for you.

Fishing For Hair

     For me it started few years ago, on an annual fishing trip for the guys at a northern Ontario cottage. It is usually attended by the same motley group of guys. Some new faces and some old, but it generally consists of who ever can make it that year. On that particular Saturday afternoon I had decided to remain at the cottage fishing for that elusive monster musky that likes to frequent the local docks, rather than join a few of the other guys on one of the boats that was headed out to troll around the bay.

     Another gentleman that I didn’t associate with outside of seeing him on these occasional weekends had the same plan as me. I had seen and greeted him the night before and noticed at that time there was something different about him. It didn’t occur to me until we sat together on the dock that afternoon that he seemed to have more hair.

     Being kind of a guy’s guy, I was loathed to ask about his hair but seeing as we were one on one, I did anyway. Well he laughs and started to tell me about a product he was using that worked miracles for him. In hindsight, he was like one of those product testimonials that you see on various hair product sites. I always thought they were mostly actors but now I am not so sure.

My Hair Growth Failure

     About a week later, I order a three month supply of this product. The week after that it arrived and I began using it immediately. Being cautious and not having talked to my physician ahead of time I started using the product in half doses to see if there were any apparent side effects. I continued to use it over the next six weeks and really didn’t see a difference. After awhile when you are constantly looking at your scalp and hair you begin to know it like the back of your hand, so to speak.

      Well, two and a half months later I saw no results and I was not happy. Knowing that it had worked so successfully on one individual, I wondered if it was me and I called the manufacturer. A very well inform and knowledgeable employee confirmed that I had used the product correctly but explained that a certain portion of the population doesn't respond. He went on to explain that all hair products are like that to a degree and while the research continues no one at this point has found the magic bullet. It’s like the hair growth ingredient Minoxidil.  Everyone in the industry knows it has the ability to grow hair on a percentage of users but no one knows scientifically how it actually does it.

     In the end it was decided that I was going to return the remaining half bottle of product for a refund. Yes, in this case you only received a refund for products you return. I knew that going in from reading the guarantee policy. In their defense they did send me a refund for the complete bottle and also covered my shipping charges. To end our conversion he said one thing, in a hushed voice. I`m sorry that this product didn't work for you. All the hair products on the market use different ingredients and mixtures of those ingredients. Where one product may fail another one may succeed. It happens more often than people will admit, so don`t give up.

Reassessing My Hair Loss Situation

     Well I had given up and if I had decided to start a website on hair growth products at that point, this site would have been quite different. I kept coming back to three things that made me wonder. First was the fact that my friend at the cottage had such a success. I know it was real because he brought down a container of the product when he left to get us a few more cool ones. Second was the way in which that employee had said to me, where one product may fail another may succeed. It was said like he knew something. Thirdly was something that I hadn't considered until then. That was the fact that over the almost three months that I used this product, I didn't see any continuing hair loss. Three months is a small time frame so I couldn't be sure but I figured after inspecting so often I should probably have noticed some receding tide that was my hairline.

     So at some point a few weeks later I decided to go online and take a look at some of the other products available. The product I had used came with a reliable recommendation from a guy who had the goods to show you. After a bit of research I had decided on a different product whose ingredients where as far from the first product as I could find, although a few of the same ones remained. I basically figured that I would try a 180.

My Hair Growth Success

     This time I only order a two month supply, as I would assume if nothing was happening by then that it wasn't going to. It was about the time I had started on my second month’s supply or about the fifth week that I saw fuzz happening that I was certain wasn’t there before. By the time I was almost through my product, there was no doubt that I had made some positive steps. I continued to use this treatment on a regular basis for about six months.

     At some point the regeneration to my frontal hairline stopped. I had gained ground by about ¾ of an inch over that time. For me however, this was considered a huge step forward as opposed to constantly losing ground over the years. I mean you don't get pulled from the ocean on the brink of death and complain that your wet. Although I have a neighbor that probably would. In addition to some new growth, the hair that I had to start with also slightly thickened, which was an added bonus. I have done a lot of research into this subject since and come to conclusions. My receding hairline, unlike some, was a slow process that happened over a decade or more. Since the hair growth cycle is about 3-6 years, depending on the individual, the hair loss that happened long ago, or over six years let’s say, is not going to return. The growth that I experienced was that which was lost most recently. I could only estimate it to be in about the last five years.

     That’s where I sit today. It was not a huge gain for me but it was a gain nonetheless and I’m pleased with it. I have since stopped using the product on a regular basis but do keep a supply on hand at all times and use it sparingly or as needed according to my own observations. I wish you all the best of luck in your efforts

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